About us

Who are we?

Let's make this very simple.

You spent a lot of time capturing the right frames and make some great clips. Of course, is it more than understandable that you want to present them to the people in an attractive way. These clips represent you and people should see you in the best possible way.

The dilemma is that you are so engaged in your project that you might lose the connection to the bigger picture and miss opportunities how your clips could be presented and styled. It's not that you lack talent. You are simply to deep in the project to see those other versions of editing your video.

Let us help you out here. We respect and honor the time and energy you have spent gathering those video clips.

Our creative and disciplined minds thirst for the opportunity of getting the best out of your videos and pictures and create a Mona Lisa of a film.

Our work follows a simple equitation: Raw footage + GPP Films = Breathtaking  Video.

Who we are?

A: We are a Music Video Production Platform, based in South Africa.

Why choosing us?

A: Let our work speak for itself and have a look at our portfolio.

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