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Seems like we‘ve got you interested enough to ask yourself the mother of all questions: who or what is Global Production Pictures?

To get one thing clear – we’re not a company in common sense. Thank god for it. 

Global Production Pictures is a brand, a voluntary gathering of freelancers working under the leadership and directive of Pedro Schreier. 

Now we wonder? Who is Pedro and is he worth the money?

Pedro is a video producer and global trotter who started this brand due to his love to edit travel videos in Capetown back in 2017.

He worked in marketing agencies and as a freelancer to consult and provide products in the area of video and visual production and editing.

You‘ll probably spot him in one of our commercials too as he is a passionate actor and speaker too.

He is so serious about the quality of our products that every order runs through him and will only be delegated if a stroke hits him or the number of orders becomes unmanageable for this „super“ guy.

The benefit of this is that Global Production Pictures stays flexible as the number of people working under it changes through the amount of workload. At any time you can count that this workaholic puts your order through the whole process and creates art that pays off.

Did you know that he started off as a writer? Nah seriously he started out with self-help books and later with screenplays. That’s why we also offer screenwriting and ad texting too.

He even wrote this article for me. So much trust in my work… Anyway, try out our service, recommend them and come back. We’re not finished with you – in a good way, of course.

Here’s a picture of him:

Oh dang, I almost forgot to state our - or better his - mission and vision. So there you go:


Global Production Picture’s mission is to provide affordable video, visual and text products to people and business all over the world to help them earn the attention they deserve. 


Global Production Picture’s vision is to never see boring ads or videos again. 

   Special note from Pedro himself (like everything  else in this text):

Videos have power and with power comes great responsibility. That’s why we invest 1€ of every deal made into donations to Unicef 🇺🇳.

Help us make this world a better place.

Whatever you do, do it with love and the recognition will follow.

Social media gave you the power to use your voice more effectively than ever. No matter if brand or person use it wisely and socially and choose your business partners as carefully as your friends. Don’t look at the world as either this or that but recognize the variety and use it to your advantage.

You‘ve read this article until here so I am already your fan. Time to gather some more.

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