A picture is worth a thousand words...

No matter if it’s about advertisment or just pure entertainment we cover them all.

These products are good for:

  • short ads
  • Educational videos
  • Short film sequences
  • Short explainer.

All we need are some lines about your idea and a sample as a target to aiming for. 

P.S. Don’t forget to visit our existing solutions for 2D animation here.

If you’re planning to use animation but are missing the experience or ideas use our contact form and let us inspire you with some great insights by the founder Pedro Schreier personally. #honor

If you can't fight it. Film it! GLOBAL PRODUCTION PICTURES

Animation 01 | 20 seconds

The beggar Global Production Pictures

20 seconds long 2D animation after your concept/sample by a freelancer from Global Production Pictures. 2-days delivery.

[No 3D Animation. Only on request. Please use the contact form therefore]

Animation 02 | 1 minute

Global Production Pictures - Animation Product image Global Production Picture

1 minute long 2D animation after your concept/proposal by a freelancer of Global Production Pictures.

Show the world what your brand, your company your product/service or film is all about.  5-days delivery.

[ONLY for the cases mentioned above.]



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