Based on the international game hit “Black Stories”.

Every Week a new  Short Screenplay | Max. 4 Pages


A Porsche for a Buck

A Porsche for a buck


A luxurious and spacious driveway leads the way to a palatial villa.

Exotic cars line up the driveway.


Glorious Paintings, showy clothes, fine jewellery. A melting pot for the beauty and the rich.

Exuberance all over the place.

The crowd is bidding for exquisite pieces.

A radiant smile spreads over MONSIEUR V‘s face as he points to the a big painting.

MONSIEUR V: And sold to Mademoiselle LaCroix for 2.6 mio. Euros. Tres bien.

A lady in pink, MADEMOISELLE LACROIX, enjoys the spotlight.

MONSIEUR V (CONT'D: Et ensuite. Our next magnificant piece is…

The look at the next item silences him immediately.

The crowd keeps on smiling, although suspicious glances are exchanged.

Monsiuer V looks to a young, beautiful brunette, ALICE, in the front row.

The sun glasses do not diminish the beauty of her face and give her something mysterious. She doesn’t care to return his look and keeps gazing into the distance. Silently chewing on her gum.

MONSIEUR V (CONT'D): Oui, the next exquisite item is the grandmasters Porsche 993 3.8 litre. Manufactured in 
Germany 1997. Only 83 pieces had the pleasure to be built.

The common interest is intrigued.

INSERTS of the car in the Garage. Waiting under a drape.

Monsiuer V looks insecure, almost stressed through the crowd.

MONSIEUR V (CONT'D): The initial offer is 1 Euro.


Weird looks.

A MAN whispers something to his WIFE. She shakes her head.

Suddenly, a shield reaches over the heads. An offer.

MONSIEUR V (CONT'D): Oui, Monsieur Kalmar?
MONSIEUR Kalmar: Eh … 2 Euro.


Monsieur V, serious like a deadly diseas.

MONSIEUR V: 2 Euros. Do I hear 3 Euros?

Silence. Monsieur Kalmar is shocked.

Another shield is up in the air. A young man, MR. BANKS.

MR. BANKS: 500 Euros. Cash.

Monsieur V looks worried at Alice but applies,

MONSIEUR V: Sold to Mr. Banks to 500 euros.

Slowly and scattered people start to applaud.

INSERTS of the car in the Garage. The car gets unveiled.


The crowd is gone and the service team is cleaning the room.

Among them, Alice.

She stands in front of a big window.

Alice’s POV: Mr. Banks enters his new Porsche.

Alice is deadpan.

Monsieur V steps next to her.

MONSIEUR V: Please forgive me my doubts but why did you sell it? It was his favourite piece and especially after … the …
ALICE: You mean after his suicide in this car?

Monsieur V swallows but nods.

Alice examines him for a moment and then turns to the leaving car.

ALICE: The smell.
ALICE: I did what I could, paid different companies but no one, no one was able to get rid off the smell.
MONSIEUR V: Excuse-moi, but I didn’t smell anything in there.
ALICE: And hopefully never will…

Alice leaves.

All what‘s left is puzzled Monsieur V and the dream of a scent.