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5 Reasons Why We Are The Right Partner For You

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Number 1)  More than 5 years of expertise in various genres.

Number 2)  Quick delivery times. We beat the market. 

Number 3)  Our copywriting is based on neuromarketing and story telling.

Number 4)  Money-back-guarantee.* Order via our partner Fiverr (links) and we ensure that you either get the right script or your money back.

Number 5)  Great customer service. Our lead writer, Pedro, is a former head of customer service and takes a great deal in delivering a superb customer experience.

*Please contact us before. Your time as your time is very valuable and no one likes to work for free.


Hollywood at your doorsteps.

You’ve been looking for an amazing Screenplay?

Well, search no further because in this very professional screenwriting service our talented freelance screenwriters will professionally hand craft a screenplay for your next movie script, script or short film. And for sure our screenplays are unique and to 100% yours. 

We have created lots of scripts, writings, script coverage and storyboards for various clients, genres and themes and our screenplays expertise is of no doubt. 

We will be the perfect partner to provide you with a screenplay.

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Some of the work we did:

What our clients say about us:

Delivery time: 60 pages in 4 days/ 10 pages in 1 day.

Every genre | Ghost Writing | 100% rights to buyer | 100% original


A screenplay page usually starts with the scene heading that describes the location and time of the scene. 

Int. = Interior (Indoors)

Ext. = Exterior (outdoors)

This example is only our way of working and can’t be used as industrial standard as every author approaches his script slightly different.

How to read a screenplay? 

We all have ideas. Some better, some worse.

Usually he have a conflict with an ultimate goal that has some meaning to a specific audience. 

Around this setting you begin to create a character that fits a stereotype that needs to be overcome in order to succeed in the conflict. 

This is the basic no matter if comedy, drama or action, and is called the plot.

We are masters in creating catchy plots. 

Contact us if you have any questions left.

Tough call. First question to be answered here is what your goal is. 

Most people participating in contest are focused on raising their reach and promoting their screenplays.

Truth be told – most of the time you are just putting money in someone else’s pockets by paying the fees. 

Nonetheless are contests very helpful to improve your writing and create an audience focused mentality. 

Writing that is not customer focused can be as good as it is but will miss the needed attention to succeed. 

Join communities like Simplyscripts to train your skills and connect with others.


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