The pact between a cheeky gigolo and a loser to learn from each other.


The Gigolo ©2019, describes the comedian relationship between Jack Williams, a handsome womanizer, and  Tommy, a lonesome and shy fellow.

Tommy and Jack meet each other in a pub, where Jack realizes for the first time that he became a joke to all the people he thought of having as friends. 

He discovers emotional and caring parts of Tommy that he used to have. Tommy finds all the desired skills in Jack he never had and wants to acquire. 

So both form a miserable union with the mission to adjust their character at each other. 

The only problem, Jack gives a f**** about Tommy. He is only focused to entertain himself. 

What both did not have foreseen is the problem of falling in love with seemingly the same woman. 


Liam Lake was born in Brazil and studied in Germany Business Administration. After a career as Digital Specialist in Capetown he began to write screenplays for digital communities and organisations.


  • 2x lead roles
  • 3 x Supporting characters
  • 5 to 9 sets 
  • World wide
  • low to medium budget
Asshole 63%
Pussy 76%

I hope that with Jack’s help everything will change. No lonely nights on Netflix anymore. He is my last chance. Yesterday he said I’m getting better, although I haven’t got a number till yet.

Oh my god, hahah. This idiot has no idea. 

What happens if you take ‘Hitch the date doctor’ mix it with ‘Dead Pool’ and let it make love to Casanova?

A: Yes. You’ll get a pretty fucked-up Womanizer with sayings more spicy than a Mexican food festival.

The Gigolo – c’est moi – is willing to show you all how a skinny, loser with a big mouth learned to attract people and success. Okay, mostly women.

Witness:  what I’ve  learned from my mentors, how I met Tommy, who taught me to be good again and how we both fall in the love trap. 

Guys should never fight about girls, but if she’s might the one we men turn every place into a freakin’ war zone a lá Rambo-shoot-everything-without-changing-magazine-style.

Let me make you smile and maybe, with some luck (and if you not look like shit) you’ll find yourself as a master of attraction.

The Gigolo

Lead Characters:

Jack William, 30s, handsome: Always a cheeky saying on his lips, Jack tries to establish himself as a winner. Not understanding the impact of his behaviour. .


Tommy Lake, 34: A guy you would love to introduce to your family and cheat on in your wedding night. Tommy tries to be likeable and not judge people, but Jack will soon push him to his edges. 


////////////CAUTION ////////////

This story may or may not (but probably may) conceive inappropriate language and advices that could or could not (but probably could) cause you some troubles that may or may not (but probably may) ruin your sexual life for ever, given that you have one or not (but probably not or you wouldn’t read this story. Just kidding. You’re okay). 

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