The artist can express everything
Oscar Wilde
Writer, Irish Poet

As our beginnings lie in the creation of book covers and writing of novels we dearly follow our passion to help other authors creating their pieces of art.

No matter if drama or comedy, if English or German. We love to combine art and soul into a powerful combination of words. 

2020 Is your year to get more clients attracted.  We know how to write delightful articles or ads who turn leads into  customers  and customers into fans.

Presentation Global Production Pictures

He who knows how to persuade via words will never run out of power. We love good speeches and more writing them. 

Price Modul: 1 - 10 for 25€ | 12 -30 for 75€ | 45 - 90 for 200€ | Add Ghostwriting (Rights to name yourself as author): +50€
Put here the link to the recorded material of you. Whether it is YouTube, google docs, drive, Dropbox or etc.
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